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                                                                                                                                   Fall 2023
                                                 MINNESOTA’S K–12 EDUCATION CONNECTIONTODAY                                     MN                ™

                          2023 MAITC Outstanding                                             MME Seventh Graders Work

                          Teacher Award                                                      Together to Design 3D-Printed

        Haley Madson Recognized for Agriculture Education Efforts                            Prosthetic for Pet Chicken

                                            ing chicks, cultivating and germinating seeds,   Minnetonka Public
                                            and  engaging  her  students  in  making  foods   Schools
                                            such as ice cream and homemade bread. These   Last  spring,  seventh
                                            activities  have  enabled  her  to  engage  with   graders  in  Dawn  Soren-
                                            students and teach in a practical way that rein-  son’s   technology
                                            forces  science,  social  students,  reading  and   education  class  worked
                                            listening.                          together  to  make  life  a
                                                Haley’s  curriculum  and  future  plans   little  easier  for  Maple,  a
                                            include  planning  and  developing  a  school   local pet chicken beloved
                                            garden  that  will  be  used  to  teach  students   by  a  Minnetonka  Middle
                                            about the plant life cycle and the challenges of   School   East   family.
                                            producing fresh produce. She is developing a   During   the   winter,
                                            plan to collaborate with the agriculture teacher   Maple’s  foot  was  caught
                                            at Le Sueur-Henderson High School to enable   in  a  fence,  and  she  con-
                                            engagement  and  service-learning  opportuni-  tracted  frostbite,  which
                                            ties for students of a range of grade levels.  ultimately  led  to  the  loss
                                                Madson  received  a  $500  stipend  and   of her claw.
            Haley Madson, a first-grade teacher at St.   had  up  to  $1,500  of  her  related  expenses   After   seeing   the
        Anne’s School in Le Sueur, MN has received   paid to attend the National Agriculture in the   effectiveness  of  the  engineering  design   To  follow  the  engineering  design
        the  Minnesota Agriculture  in  the  Classroom   Classroom (NAITC) Conference last June in   process,  she  learned  in  Sorenson’s  quarter   process,  students  begin  broadly,  with  a  lot
        2023 Outstanding Teacher Award.     Orlando, Florida.                   one  class,  a  seventh  grader  brought  the   of ideas and then combine the best aspects
            Madson  is  an  advocate  for  agricultural   All  Minnesota  licensed  K-12  educators   project idea forward as a learning opportu-  of  each  to  refine  their  solutions.  Students
        education at St. Anne’s and uses her lessons   who creatively integrate agricultural concepts   nity for other students. In partnership with   used the application Sketch Up to create 3D
        to inspire students to think about how deeply   into non-agricultural education classroom set-  the family, Sorenson moved ahead with the   renderings  of  their  ideas,  which  were  then
        agriculture  impacts  their  lives  from  a  young   tings are eligible for the Outstanding Teacher   project for the class in quarter four. Students   fabricated using a 3D printer.
        age.                                Award. Applications are reviewed by a com-  collaborated  to  build  a  prosthetic  foot  that   Once the plastic models were created,
            “I want my students to realize that when   mittee of MAITC Foundation board members,   might  give  Maple  the  ability  to  rejoin  her   Maple’s family helped her to try the differ-
        learning about agriculture, they will be using   who select the recipient each winter.  flock.             ent models.
        reading,  math,  social  studies,  and  science   St.  Anne’s  is  a  national  and  state-  To  begin  their  research  process,  stu-  The best-fitting and best working design
        skills,”  she  says.  “There  is  a  connection   accredited non-public catholic school serving   dents studied current animal prosthetics for   came from a group in Sorenson’s first hour
        between agriculture and animals, the economy,   students  in  grades  pre-kindergarten  through   chickens  and  other  animals,  shared  Soren-  class. The students created a “rocker” design
        the environment, technology, and overall way   fifth grade.             son. “They saw what was existing, so they   that  was  inspired  by  existing  prosthetics
        of life. It is important to give students opportu-  Congratulations Haley!  could continue to refine their ideas.” Then,   for  dogs  and  horses,  as  well  as  from  their
        nities to explore those connections starting in                         Maple  came  to  visit  the  class,  along  with   observations  of  the  way  chickens  walked.
        elementary school.”                                                     fellow  flock  mate  Priscilla.  Students  were   “They then combined several ideas together
            Haley has led her students in a variety of     able to observe both Maple’s and Priscilla’s
        agriculture-themed activities including hatch-                          gait to inform their ideas.                      Continued on Page 3

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