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                  District 916 Honors

        916’s Emily Thomas Named One of 20 to Watch                             Congratulations to Northeast Metro 916 Career

        Congratulations!                    exemplified  excellence  through  projects  or   and Technical Center’s Outstanding Educator of
                                            artifacts that others can replicate.
            Northeast Metro 916 Intermediate School   “Northeast Metro 916 celebrates Emily’s   the Year, Cindy Landers!
        District’s Technology Trainer, Emily Thomas,   dedication, innovative spirit, and commitment
                               was   named   to transforming education through technology                The  916   this year, but one staff member rose to the top.
                               one  of  20  to   innovation.  This  national  award  is  a  testa-    Career  &  Tech   She is described as being dedicated, honest,
                               Watch  by  the   ment  to  her  relentless  pursuit  of  excellence    Center  Educa-  and passionate. She consistently has students that
                               International   and her positive impact on our students, col-          tor  of  the  Year   are willing to come in early and stay late to help
                               Society   for   leagues, and the entire 916 community. This is         Award  is  given   out and chat. Cindy builds positive relationships
                               Technology   a well-deserved accolade, and I look forward              each  year  to   and always has time to check in with a smile.
                               in  Education   to witnessing Emily’s continued contributions          an   educator   Quote a colleague, “I have never seen someone
                               (ISTE)   for   as she inspires and shapes the future of educa-         who  has  made   with  so  many  hands-on  learning  activities  that
                               her  work  as   tion,” said Dr. Val rae boe, Superintendent of         significant  con-  she  cultivates  and  reworks  every  single  year
                               an   innova-  Northeast Metro 916 ISD.                                 tributions   to   because of her dedication to helping each student
                               tive  educator   Emily  Thomas  is  a  technology  integra-            the  support  of   succeed.”
                               creating trans-  tor and trainer for Northeast Metro 916. She          the  916  Career   Cindy sets high expectations for her students
        formational learning experiences for students.  is  a  Google  Certified  Trainer/Coach  and  an   &  Tech  Mission,  its  students,  and  staff.  The   and challenges them to reach their full potential
            Thomas  was  honored  this  summer  in   ISTE  Certified  Educator.  Her  work  creating   candidates  are  nominated  by  their  coworkers   and  holds  them  accountable  for  their  progress
        Philadelphia  at  the  ISTE  Leadership Awards   an  accessible  STEAM  mobile  Makerspace   and  chosen  by  the  School  relations  Commit-  as  well  as  provides  constructive  feedback  and
        Luncheon with other tech leaders from around   that  provides  PK-post-high  school  transition   tee, which is composed of representatives from   encouragement to help students to achieve their
        the globe. ISTE recognizes 20 individuals who   students access to emergent educational tech   each school district that is a member of 916. This   goals. She has made a profound impact on her
        are up and coming and are already making a   is one of the many reasons she received this   award symbolizes the commitment to excellence   students, and she is dedicated to making a posi-
        difference through their work. Winners have   national honor.           in education. There were many great nominations   tive difference at 916 Career & Tech.

            Northeast Metro 916 is one of four intermediate school districts in Minnesota, serving nearly 5,000 students through shared programming
        that includes career and technical education, special education services, area learning centers, and care & treatment. Through sharing resources,
        talent, and ideas, Northeast Metro 916 provides cost-effective, expert, and reliable services to 13 member school districts and the students and
        families we collectively support.

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