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        Urgent! Electricians Needed!

            Electricians, oh how we need them!  To   Check out this link and the ad below for
        keep our lights on, to make certain all of our   information on our Apprenticeship education.
        gadgets  are  charged,  to  make  certain  WiFi
        is  up  and  running.    Electricians  power  our   Online/Education/Apprentice.aspx
        homes, schools, and communities.  Now add   The  strong  need  for  electricians  results
        all the movement to clean energy by 2040 to   in  high  wages.    Typical  starting  wages  are
        their  workload  including  electrical  vehicle   $18.00-$24.00  per  hour.    Wages  will  vary
        charging  stations,  solar  and  other  renewable   geographically,  but  licensed  electricians  in
        energy,  building  automation,  we  need  more   the  Twin  Cities  metro  area  are  making  over
        electricians!                       $50.00 per hour.  Regardless where you live,
            At  a  recent  career  fair  in  Monticello,   as an electrician you will make well over the
        1100 students were required to have a certain   median wage for your area.  You can f nd more
        number of vendors sign off on their career fair   career information at https://www.electricalas-
        sheet.  I must have looked like an easy target
        because many students not interested in con-  Aspiring_Electricians.aspx
        struction still visited my table.  I was able to   The Electrical Association has compiled
        ask  dozens  of  students  if  they  were  familiar   a lot of career exploration information on our
        with  the  apprenticeship  model  of  education.    website.  I will also speak to classes or attend
        Most weren’t.  We need to do better as explain-  career  fairs  or  potentially  f nd  a  contractor
        ing apprenticeship as a great way to train for   member  to  do  so  if  schedules  allow.  Please
        a career.                           reach out if you would like me to talk to your     Construction Teacher Conference!
            Apprenticeship  is  a  method  of  training   students.
        where  an  apprentice  electrician  is  partnered                            The  Electrical  Association  partners  with  Project  Build  Minnesota  to
        with a licensed electrician and supervised until   Michelle Dreier       bring  other  construction  trades  information  to  you  and  your  students.
        that apprentice gains licensure.  This process   Director of Member Engagement &    Every year we bring you a Construction Teacher Conference. The next one
        takes four years.  While not mandatory to gain   Government Affairs      is May 1-2, 2025. It will be hosted by ISD 916 and participants will get to
        license, many apprenticeships pair the on-the-  Electrical Association     tour the home built by students as part of their construction program.  We’ll
        job training with related technical instruction   P: 612.827.6117
        (RTI).  Electrical Association offers this RTI to  also have more information on the MN Housing Finance Agency’s Housing
        electricians of both member and nonmember                                Challenge initiative (also see page 8) that may help to fund your school’s
        contractors.                                                             construction program.
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