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        Teaching Today Minnesota | Fall 2023                                                                                                   Page 7

                   “Viterbo just really built a solid foundation in my
                   educational philosophy.”

                   RYAN RIEBER
                   Superintendent of West Salem School District
                   Viterbo University Alumnus


               As a Viterbo University graduate, you will be equipped to revolutionize your teaching practices,

                      which will prepare you to be an agent of change both in and outside of the classroom.

              MASTER OF ARTS IN EDUCATION                                         INNOVATIVE TEACHER LEADERSHIP
              (ONLINE)                                                            (ONLINE)

              •  Create your own path                                             •  Builds capacity to improve classroom
              •  Choose areas that support your professional                          instruction
                 development                                                      •  Reinforces interpersonal relationships
              •  Electives selected from licensure and                                among educators
                 certificate programs                                             •  31 credit hours
              •  30 credit hours

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