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                Retired Edina High School Economics                                       North Junior High’s Julius Eromosele

                Teacher Receives Top Award                                                Named Middle School Principal of the Year

                                            cation at the UMN.                                                         Eromosele  strives  to  serve  families
                                               Traeger  was  honored  in  October  at  the                         and  staff  to  the  best  of  his  ability.  One  of
                                            council’s  virtual  annual  conference,  Minn-                         his favorite parts of being school principal is
                                            Econ.                                                                  meeting the scholars and working with staff
                                               “Your dedication to nurturing the minds                             to achieve meaningful goals in service to the
                                            of your students and empowering them with                              kids.
                                            a  deeper  understanding  of  economic  and                                Eromosele’s  colleagues  say  he  has
                                            personal  finance  concepts  is  an  inspiration.                      exemplary leadership skills and his dedica-
                                            Your efforts contribute to building a stronger                         tion to the academic success of the scholars
                                            foundation  for  the  economic  and  financial                         makes him very deserving of the award. He
                                            well-being of your students, and by extension,                         prioritizes building strong relationships with
                                            our community,” lauded Gray.                                           both students and families and understands
                                               Traeger taught economics at Edina High                              the importance of open communication.
                                            School for 18 years after working in the corpo-                            “by  creating  a  welcoming  and  sup-
                                            rate sector. She retired at the end of last school                     portive  environment,  Julius  has  helped
                                            year.                                                                  to  establish  a  strong  sense  of  belonging
                                               “The  MCEE  Economic  Teacher  of  the                              within  the  school  community,”  said  James
            retired  Edina  High  School  economics   Year  award  holds  immense  significance  for   Hopkins Public Schools  Ware,  associate  principal  at  North  Junior
        teacher Michelle Traeger has been co-selected   me as it validates my dedication to fostering   North  Junior  High  Principal  Julius   High. “Julius has also fostered a supportive
        as the Minnesota Council on Economic Educa-  academic excellence and enthusiasm for eco-  Eromosele  was  named  the  Middle  School   and  collaborative  atmosphere  among  staff
        tion High School Educator of the Year award   nomics  among  my  students,”  said  Traeger.   Principal of the Year in the Hennepin County   members,  encouraging  professional  devel-
        for 2023. This award was given to Traeger in   “This recognition also underscores the value   Division  by  the  Minnesota  Association  of   opment and teamwork.”
        recognition of her commitment to excellence   of effective education in shaping future leaders   Secondary Principals.
        in economic education for grades 9-12.  and decision-makers.”              “I  was  humbled  by  the  honor,”  Ero-
            “The  caliber  of  high  school  candidates                         mosele  said.  “Understanding  that  many
        this year was exceptionally high, prompting us                          principals  are  working  hard  daily  to
        to recognize two educators in this specific cat-                        serve  their  communities,  I  was  definitely
        egory,” said Colleen Gray, Education Director    humbled.”
        of the Minnesota Council on Economic Edu-

                                                                                Minnesota School of Excellence Awards 2023
            Teachers inspire                                                    Continued from Page 8

            next generation                                                     lenging environment that enables students to   experiences  that  they  may  not  necessarily
                                                                                become life-long learners who value them-
                                                                                                                   get  from  a  classroom,”  their  application
                                                                                selves,  contribute  to  their  community,  and   explained.
                                                                                succeed  in  a  changing  world.”  randolph   Another  significant  strength  of  ran-
                                                                                Elementary School is a blue ribbon School   dolph  Elementary  is  its  community
            Accredited education to advance your career.                        (2011-2012)  and  has  previously  achieved   engagement. As emphasized in their appli-
                                                                                the Minnesota School of Excellence award   cation, “randolph Elementary School prides
            Programs and certificates ranging from the initial                  in 2017.                           itself on its ability to build strong, meaning-
            teaching licensure to a Doctorate in Educational                       “On behalf of randolph Elementary we   ful relationships with not only students, but
            Leadership. Our flexible online and hybrid                          would like to thank the committee for this   their  families  as  well.  These  relationships
            programs are designed for working adults.                           prestigious award. We are very honored to   help  support  improved  academic  perfor-
                                                                                have been selected. This award truly reflects   mance and positive social engagement. The
                                                                                the dedication and commitment of our teach-  high  attendance  at  all  school  functions  is
            • Online, accelerated eight-week terms                              ers and staff. An award like this means so   proof of these strong relationships.” As an
            • Complete in 2 years                                               much to us and shows that all the hard work   example,  the  leadership  team  points  out,
                                                                                we  do  doesn’t  go  unnoticed,”  expressed   “There is over 90% attendance rate at both
                                                                                Principal Matt rutledge.           fall and spring parent-teacher conferences.”
                                                                                   The  School  of  Excellence  process
                                                       uncovered  that  a  major  strength  of  this
                                                                                school  is  the  embodiment  of  learner-cen-
                                                                                tered leadership and the capitalization on the
                                                                                leadership skills of others. “The elementary
                                                                                students  expressed  interest  in  afterschool
                                                                                activities.”  The  school’s  leadership  team
                                                                                wrote  in  their  SOE  application.  Thanks  to
                                                                                the leadership of teachers and even a high
                                                                                school student the school started to offer a
                                                                                total of 8 different clubs, lasting one season
                                                                                long (fall, winter, or spring). “During these
                                                                                clubs, elementary students had new learning
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