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                   Ag in Action at Saint Peter High School

                                                             contributes  to  hands-  seven welding booths, two automated milling   events being our annual Farm to School Day,
                                                             on  learning,  higher   and lathe machines, a car hoist and a full tire   and the roll’N for Landon.
                                                             education, and student   repair system. With these machines, we have   Our  Farm  to  School  event  takes  place
                                                             success. We also have   the ability to provide an education that is one   during the school day. FFA assists the kitchen
                                                             a very large classroom   of  a  kind  to  our  students.  The  machines  and   in cooking a lunch of some kind, in the past it
                                                             featuring  a  garage   equipment that students work with, align with   has been things such as chicken that was raised
                                                             door which is a huge   current manufacturing standards in the work-  by  the  ag  department.  We  also  host  a  career
                                                             plus for the program.  force.  This allows our students to gain industry   fair during lunch and invite agriculture related
                                                                 The Greenhouse,   knowledge,  so  they  can  be  prepared  for  the   businesses from the surrounding area to set up
                                                             which  students  can   workforce and/ or college.     a table and chat with students. This is a great
                                                             utilize  on  a  daily   All students in grades 9–12 are eligible to   event that gets the community involved.
                                                             basis, is the most uti-  take these courses. They take part in hands-on   The  roll’N  for  Landon  event  is  a  car
                                                             lized.  For  example,   learning opportunities, career exploration, and   roll  in  that  was  started  to  honor  the  memory
                                                             in  “Plants,  Animals,   use current technology within the Industrial and   of Landon Gran (2001-2019), a SPHS student
                                                             Pizza  and  You”,  our   Agricultural  classrooms.  The  current  course   who  passed  away  unexpectedly  in  a  farming
                                                             intro  to  agriculture   offerings  in  these  departments  are,  Automo-  accident. Landon was very active in the FFA
        The Plants, Animals, Pizza, and You class harvested the lettuce from   course,   students   tive,  Welding,  Small  Engines,  Woodworking,   chapter. This event is open to the public. Cars,
        their hydroponic growing systems. The school’s kitchen staff prepared   assembled hydroponic   building  Trades  which  partners  with  Habitat   Trucks, and Motorcycles enter and compete for
        and served the lettuce on the salad bar for lunch.   growing  systems  and   for Humanity, Plants, Animals, Pizza and You   a trophy in their divisions. In addition to the car
        Jasmine Witty, Agriculture Science Teacher           planted  buttercrunch   (Intro  to  Ag  course),  Wildlife  and  Natural   competition, there is also a raffle drawing and
        Saint Peter High School             lettuce.  They  managed  these  systems  during   resources, Animal Science, Plant Science, and   meal available.
                                            quarter  one  and  were  able  to  harvest  their
                                                                                                                       One of the goals of the department is to
            The  Myra  J.  Hermel  Agri-Science   lettuce in the second week of November. The   FFA  is  a  large  part  of  this  department.   create strong partnerships within the commu-
        Academy and FFA Chapter (of Saint Peter High   harvested lettuce was offered to students on the   Eight  FFA  members  recently  attended  the   nity. These partnerships are critical to providing
        School) moved to its current location in the fall   salad bar during lunch. This class is currently   National  FFA  convention  in  Indianapolis,   a well-rounded, current, and effective learning
        of 2017.                            growing  cherry  tomatoes  which  will  be  also   Indiana. Students had the opportunity to attend   environment for our students.
            The  program  oversees  a  22-acre  farm   used in the cafeteria during lunch upon harvest-  FFA general sessions and tour several locations
        field,  an  FFA  Garden  located  at  the  Nicollet   ing.              such as a farm equipment assembly plant, an
        County  Fairgrounds,  the  ‘Saints  bus’  Green-  In  addition  to  the  agricultural  side,  we   Amish community, and a koi farm.
        house, and an apple orchard located just outside   also have a great Industrial Technology facil-  The  St.Peter  FFA  Chapter  hosts  many
        the SPHS west entrance. Each of these facilities   ity.  Some  highlights  of  this  area  include   events throughout the year. Our most popular

               N O R T H   D A K O TA   S TAT E   U N I V E R S I T Y

               HUNDREDS OF CAREERS,

               •  Hands-on learning  •  State-of-the-art facilities
               •  11 to 1 student-faculty ratio  •  Scholarships

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