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        St Cloud State University
        Technology, Engineering & Careers (TEC) Network

            The  TEC  Network  is  all  about  build-  America’s Cutting Edge (ACE) CNC   TEC Network Program         3.  Program development and review
        ing  partnerships  with  school  and  businesses                                                              4.  Advisory board support
        around  the  state.    The  TEC  Network  has   Training                   The  TEC  Network  program  continues      5.  Program  enhancement  plan  (district
        recently  received  grants  and  contracts  to   St. Cloud State University – TEC Network   to  support  Technology  Education,  CTE  and   will determine items needed)  Examples
        support  CNC  training,  robotics  teams  and   has  been  awarded  a  contract  to  provide  free   STEM  programs  around  the  state.    Schools   include:
        youth apprenticeships across the state.   There   CNC  training  to  students,  teachers,  and   which are a part of the Technology Network
        are 2 specif c programs that will be partnering   industry workers in outstate Minnesota.  The   will engage in:   a.  Youth apprenticeship plan
        with schools and businesses:        ACE  Net  (America’s  Cutting  Edge  -  https://     1.  Equipment access   b.  Career awareness /readiness
          •  DEED  Grant  for  Robotics  Teams  and  )  is  designed   a.  Nearly $2,000,000 worth of equip-  c.  Recruitment ideas / plan
            STEM Internship Programs        to  allow  people  to  gain  the  skills  needed  to   ment                 d.  STEM activities / curriculum
          •  America’s  Cutting  Edge  (ACE)  CNC   answer America’s call for more machine tool   b.  Maintenance support for the equip-  Technical Programs – Careers for
            Training                        professionals  with  free  online  and  in-person   ment
                                            training.                                                              Today and Tomorrow
        DEED Grant for Robotics Teams and       The  f rst  phase  of  training  will  be  to   c.  Opportunity to purchase equipment   Undergraduate Programs:
                                                                                       at demo rate
        STEM Internship Programs            train teachers who will then be able to bring                            •  Construction Management
                                            the training to their students. Equipment and   d.  New  equipment  added  regularly  to
            This program will support 40 high school   supplies  will  be  available  to  the  schools  at   meet changing needs of industry  •  Technology Education
        robotics  teams,  comprising  approximately   no cost.  As part of this program, SCSU TEC   e.  Equipment  is  scheduled  for  3-4   •  Manufacturing Engineering Technology
        800  students,  in  Greater  Minnesota  through   Network  will  provide  training  and  have  the   weeks at a time throughout the year.  •  Environmental Studies & Science
        direct team funding support, including access   opportunity for delivery and use of a HAAS   f.  Concrete  &  Masonry  tools,  equip-
        to  practice  f elds  and  advanced  equipment   or Forest Scientif c mill at your school.  The   ment, and demonstrations  Graduate Programs:
        through  SCSU’s  Technology,  Engineering  &   second phase of the program will be a mobile                  •  Technology Education
        Career  Network.  The  project  also  includes   training center, including 2 mills, CNC trailers      2.  Professional development:   •  Career and Technical Education (CTE)
        career  awareness  workshops  and  events  for   and laptop computers to do training at schools   a.  Graduate courses  •  Work Based Learning
        teams  and  students.  The  student  internships   and/or businesses.           i.  Credits for lane change
        component  of  the  program  includes  mentor-  This is a 2-part training:     ii.  Graduate Certif cates  For additional information:
        ship training and support for both the students                                iii.  Master’s Degree in Technology   Kurt Helgeson
        and their company mentors.             1.   6–10 hours of online training         Education      
                                               2.  32–40  hours  of  in  person  training  at                      320-308-3127
                                                 SCSU or in your area               b.  Summer workshops 
                                                If you are interested or would like more   c.  On-site support
                                            information,  complete  the  survey  at:  https://  d.  CTE License
                                            e.  WBL License

                             William’s Journey into Engineering and Robotics

                                            but  also  f nd  conf dence,  collaboration  and
            How  William  Moe  turned  a  curiosity   other important skills.
        into a career path with help from robotics   Teams  do  more  than  just  build  and
        competitions and engineering classes.  compete with robots, they have to organize,
                                            raise funds, f nd sponsors and market their
        Burnsville-Eagan-Savage School District   team  like  a  business.  Starting  out  with  the
        191                                 smaller robots, William found that he loved
            It started with a school announcement.   being  a  part  of  a  team  and  learning  more
        There  was  an  open  house  to  learn  more   about the trial and error process of coming
        about and potentially join the robotics club,   up with creative solutions for the challenges
        and  seventh  grader  William  Moe  knew  he   of the competition.
        had to attend. He had always been interested   “A  lot  of  it  is  hands-on  learning  and
        in engineering because his father is an engi-  f guring  out  how  to  do  things  and  solve
        neer,  but  robots  were  especially  intriguing   problems,” said William. “There are a lot of
        to him. Little did he know that joining that   concepts like learning about force, program-
        club would start him on a path to regional   ming and just being able to build something
        and national competitions and a future as an   and then learn all about it.”
        engineer.                              When  William  started  at  Burnsville
            District 191 is proud to have Robotics   High School (BHS) he dove into engineer-
        programming  including  teams  that  partici-  ing classes, while also taking College in the
        pate in competitions through FIRST, which   Schools  and  Advanced  Placement  classes   the Blaze Robotics Team, moving up to the   pulled  together  and  ended  up  making  the
        stands  for  For  Inspiration  and  Recognition   to  earn  college  credits.  Courses  like Aero-  larger robots and tougher challenges of the   f nal  bracket  of  the  tournaments  we  com-
        of  Science  and  Technology.  With  differ-  space, Fabrication and Design, Principles of   FIRST Robotics Challenge.  peted in. We have great mentors on the team
        ent  program  options  for  all  grade  levels   Engineering  and  Civil  Engineering  broad-  “We  had  a  lot  of  fun  and  we  started   who guide us in learning stuff, but also help
        including  team-based  competitions,  FIRST   ened his understanding of the concepts and   performing really well,” said William. “My   to poke holes in our designs and ask ques-
        provides  a  structure  for  students  to  learn   applications  of  the  world  of  engineering.   junior year was a big year with many of my
        important  STEM  and  programming  skills,   He also became more and more involved in
                                                                                teammates  having  graduated,  so  we  really   Continued on Page 15
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